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How Strong is your Manager-Employee Relationship

If you aren’t investing time into your employees, you really aren’t investing time into your company. It’s as simple as that. Yes, employees are an investment, and it may take a while to find that one employee that is both a performer and hard to replace. So, why would you let their talents go unnoticed,… Read more »

How to Stay Healthy if you Work from Home

How to Stay Healthy if You Work from Home

Do you work from home and find it hard to motivate yourself to eat healthy and exercise regularly? Prior to starting your work from home career, you probably thought that working from home would give you more time to dedicate to your health. And you probably were wrong. Although you spend the majority of your… Read more »

Why Mental Health in a Relationship is Important

Why Mental Health In a Relationship is Important

Did you know that your feelings and thoughts, be it positive or negative, are directly related to the level of psychological well-being you are experiencing? More importantly, the manner in which you operate as an individual is a direct reflection of how mentally stable you are. But, it is understood that being in a relationship… Read more »

Who is in Control of Your Relationship

Who Controls Your Relationship

Relationships can be extremely rewarding, but will also be a great deal of work. No matter how much you and your partner care for one another, it takes a great deal of effort and commitment on both of your parts to find the ideal balance in your relationship. One of the many reasons that this… Read more »

Balancing Social Media and your Relationship

Balancing Social Media and Your Relationship

What actually determines whether or not you need to scale back on your social media activity when you are in a relationship? Regardless of how close you and your relationship partner are, it is not guaranteed they will always be comfortable with the type of social behavior you are engaging in on your social networking… Read more »

Don’t Mistake Bad Networking for Good Networking

If you are new to the networking scene, you are probably unaware of whether or not you are mistaking bad networking techniques for good networking habits. Well, here are a few ways to avoid merely entertaining the idea of networking and actually accomplishing it… Remember that your needs come second to your acquaintance’s. Unfortunately, people… Read more »